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VRay 6 Sheen Parameter | VRay Cloth Presets

VRay 6 Sheen

This is a handy feature for designers that work with cloth materials. VRay 6 Sheen Parameters;

Best advice here would be to get references, real photos of cloth.

You don’t have to go far, I think any phone take good pictures. Then you can open them and compare one to one – Your 3D render to real photo.

That’s how you develop your eye and build understanding for each cloth material behavior.

And you probably know we have many cloth types, and any of them reflects light differently.

You can see few examples in the presets dropdown menu – we have 3 types:

– Red Velvet

– White Satin

– Pink Satin

By exploring those you can see how a combination of reflection glossiness and sheen parameters can create a different cloth.

In any case VRay 6 Sheen feature can create a soft luster on any surface. So you can be creative by using it for making interesting surfaces.

Anything that needs an additional layer soft highlight (mainly soft objects) – can use that feature.

– Like this video? Check out more here:

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