Creating a Custom Wall in Photoshop with Baked Texture Method

Custom Wall Creation You’re probably used to applying generic textures, whether tiled or not, to all your assets in your

Floor Generator 2.0 – Creating a Hexagon Wooden Floor

Hexagon Flooring with FLOOR GENERATOR 2.0 With the paid version of Floor Generator, which costs just 20 Euros, you get

Create An Ambient Occlusion Pass Manually With VRay

This is a follow up post to the Quick Ambient Occlusion Pass Creation in 3ds Max and VRay article. In that article

Modeling, Mapping and Texturing Tricks With An Art Decorative Piece

Welcome back for another fantastic 3ds Max, VRay and Photoshop tutorial. We’ll take a look at various modeling, UV mapping

How To Add Ambient Occlusion with VRayDirt For PhotoRealistic Materials

Hey VRay users, today I’ll be discussing how you can use the Ambient Occlusion map VRayDirt to enhance your images.

How To Create Translucent Leaves and Curtains with VRay2SidedMtl

The number one concern for us VRay users is the act of balancing quality with rendering time. Effects like Subsurface

How To Fix Color Bleeding with VRayOverrideMtl

Have you ever had that fleeting sensation that your interior renders look a bit off? It might feel like the light

Create Normal Maps With The FREE Nvidia Plugin

Learn to create Normal Map with FREE NVIDIA plugin and shave off rendering time. When you want to add fine

VRay Wood Texture

Let me show you an easy method for adjusting wood textures by using 3ds Max’s “Real World Parameter” function. No

Unique Materials ID – Realistic Vegetation

Unique Material ID for Realistic Vegetation – Really cool way to create photorealistic looking vegetation with good variety of texture.

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