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VRay Cryptomatte – Exr in Photoshop

VRay Cryptomatte

In this tutorial, we are going to check VRay Cryptomatte. One render element that can bring all VRay Passes into Photoshop.

This way our post-production process will become much easier. It works great for simple scenes;

In order to work with EXR in Photoshop, you will need the following plugins:

I know this is not the most suitable solution for big Architectural Scenes. But it works great for small interiors!

In the next tutorial, I’m going to show you how to use Multi-Matte Element in order to render your masks properly.

Working with rendering elements is essential! Knowing how to control your scene lighting with just post-production – is the other 50% of the workflow.

Let me know if this worked for you? And if you have any questions? Be sure to post them under the video, and I’ll be more than glad answering them,

To learn more about this workflow, visit PHOTOSHOP for ARCHITECTS

Thanks a lot for watching this!

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Photoshop can fix a lot of things, but if the fundamentals in lighting, textures, camera, and composition are wrong, then it probably won’t do a good job.
Everything from the beginning has to make sense, photoshop is just a tool to bring out the beauty, but the base is always here.
Keep that in mind while rendering 🙂

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