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VRay for UNREAL ENGINE 4 | 3Ds Max Export First Look

VRay for Unreal 2.6

From 3Ds Max to UE4 with vrscene file – so easy to use with VRay for UNREAL ENGINE 4

As you probably saw there is also the export option of vrscene back to 3Ds max or Maya. This universal format makes life so much easier to switch between platforms.

Next time I’m going to show you how we can utilize free 3D Scanned resources which can bring HYPER Realistic look to your scene.

In a meanwhile give this a try – DOWNLOAD the scene here. See what you can come up with.

The method is to unwrap the maps on the second channel for unreal to read the model textures correctly.

This step is necessary, but I guess I got too excited exporting this model and trying VRay for Unreal for the first time!

In my opinion Unreal is the future, I mean you can never replace the VR experience with stills rendering or even and animation.

If you are a beginner – we have an introduction to unreal here

VRay for UNREAL ENGINE 4 is FREE for 30 Days So you can enjoy playing around and testing it at your own pace.

Then you can purchase or monthly subscribe and use it only when you need it – details can be found in our software section.

So are you ready to experience something NEW? VRay for Unreal is a Whole New World – and you are about to be a part of VR experience.

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