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VRay NEXT Adaptive Dome Auto Exposure and WB

VRay NEXT Auto Exposure and White Balance

Learn to work with VRay NEXT Auto Exposure and White Balance by using NVIDIA AI denoiser and IPR function.
If you using older version of VRay NEXT make sure to activate (WIP) Adaptive Dome in your VRay Dome Light. This will speed up your render up to 7 times.

Adding Denoiser will help you clean the noise and get a cleaner representation of your final render result.

NVIDIA AI is a fast smart denoiser that can cleanup your 3D render in just a few seconds of calculation.

Try 2 different types of denoiser; VRay Default Denoiser and NVIDIA AI Denoiser – compare the results.

You can DOWNLOAD this interior scene here in order to follow that tutorial.

When you’re done setting and tweaking the lighting, stop your render, and switch to production in order to get a high-quality image.

First, stop the render, transfer parameters to your VRay Physical Camera – and switch Auto Exposure and Auto White balance off.

Then switch from progressive to the bucket mode, change denoiser to VRay Default Denoiser – and render your final production interior space.

More of those new VRay NEXT functions & features can be found in our VRay NEXT GUIDE manual here.

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