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VRay NEXT Benchmark 4 | CPU vs GPU


Use VRay NEXT Benchmark to check what your computer capable of doing and where it’s ranked in that table?

Hope you liked this VRay NEXT Benchmark video tutorial, this is easy to do just to see if your hardware and software upto 2019 standards.

Some benefits from running these tests:

  • V-Ray Next performance
    Test your hardware with the performance of V-Ray Next.
  • New test scenes
    Created for V-Ray Next and designed to put even the most powerful hardware to the test.
  • New results system
    With the new smart scoring system, hardware performance capabilities are easily comparable. The linear scoring results system makes comparisons easier; for example, a processor which is twice as good should have double the score.
  • V-Ray GPU Next hybrid rendering
    Compare the results of GPUs, CPUs or any combination of processing units available.
  • Benchmark GPU devices individually
    Test one or any combination of GPUs to see how the performance scales.
  • Faster benchmarking
    Our smart score calculation system can benchmark hardware performance from just one-minute of rendering.

Test the speed of V-Ray Next on your hardware – Click here:

If you want to know what computer I was using? here is the full review on my Alienware 17 R5 

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