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VRay NEXT Clouds with GPU Volume Grid

VRay Clouds

Learn to produce VRay Clouds with GPU Volume Grid to Create realistic clouds

Easy setup for adding 3D clouds to your render. Those clouds look amazing just need a bit of tweaking to match your scene lighting.
You can download these clouds assets here

As much as we like sharing those things, the most value can be found in our online class.
I’ve put close to 5 hours of this content that can help you get better renders with a more realistic touch.

I do think that adding clouds as an object, created a much better impact than if you would just photoshop them in.

This is how professionals work! If you have animation, those physical clouds could be very essential to the final look of your scene.

Make sure to use them wisely, that means you need to have some reference to rely on, before adding those in.

Thanks for following – stay tuned for the next tutorial – Clouds with Phoenix FD

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Learn to work with water fluids and be different from everyone else!

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