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VRAY NEXT GUIDE (Light Version)

Finally we are able to answer many requests we got regarding VRay NEXT MANUAL (GUIDE) – and release a Light version that will include only the video tutorials.

And the best part that this self-training course got 50% OFF PROMOTION – On the BLACK FRIDAY SALE!

We are still going to limit this to a 100 users, since our server can serve limited amount of users in order to provide best learning experience.

What’s in this class?

Basically everything! If you never learned VRay the proper way, this course will cover the ENTIRE VRAY NEXT – FUNCTIONALITY! We gonna start from the UI basics, there might be some things you have missed also, since VRay provides really easy to control fast settings tab. But there are going to be many other functions that can help you to optimize your scene and execute fast renders.

I am About To Show You Hidden Secrets of VRay NEXT

First I must say that it’s a HYBRID Rendering Engine, and I got a feeling that after ChaosGroup bought Corona they have taken a good look at the Corona’s algorithm and have found ways to create CPU and GPU rendering solution – which now we call VRAY NEXT. And Yeah there’s bunch of little auto ticks than can make your life so much simple. In any case, we are touch and examine every parameter and I’m going to demonstrate those LIVE by using Interactive Progressive Rendering (IPR) button – yeah that’s new too…so many new things, hope you are exited to discover them, as much as I do!

What are you getting?

  • This course is packed in knowledge – over 10 hours of recorded training + BONUS recorded webinars where I analyze Students Work and go in depth into the topic.
  • PDF Manual for every tutorial – you can follow along with the lecture.
  • And the Most Exclusive Bonus – $199 OFF VRAY CERTIFICATION PROGRAM (there you can find all the scenes and additional training materials)

Alright so this is as good as it sounds

All VRAY NEXT – Complete A-Z Video Manual OPENS DOORS to 100 USERS that want to LEARN how to be a PRO!

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