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NUKE basics OpenEXR and VRay NEXT

Only PRO’s use NUKE

Here’s how to use NUKE and VRay NEXT Render OpenEXR sequence:

Hope you’ve enjoyed that NUKE and VRay NEXT basics video tutorial.

NUKE’s Non-commercial version is just good enough to get you the right results for your demo reel!

Use OpenEXR files to render your 3D sequences straight out of VRay NEXT. You can also use methods for extracting VRay NEXT  “Render Elements” (VRay passes) and work your reflections, refractions, AO, GI and overall lighting with style and atmosphere. With NUKE that stuff is so much easier!

In my opinion, NUKE this is the most powerful tool for producing high-end architectural visualization animation video and cinematography in general.

Upon that you have the chance to learn this amazing software for FREE~ download it here:

For big scale projects, animation, and visual effects – this software considered to be #1 in the industry.

We are going to discover more of it in the upcoming tutorials – in the meanwhile, try out OpenEXR’s in your sequences, play around with the sequence timing by using TimeWrap.

  • Let me know if you think this stuff is awesome!?

If you want to learn more about VFX such as; fire, water, smoke, please visit our workshop page here:

Our VFX for ArchVIZ class – is a complete online training that teaches you how to animate and render realistic looking fire and water!

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