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VRay Survey

Here is the survey – click here to vote VRay SURVEY

We have new rendering settings for VRay 5, some things were removed – like the quick settings panel. So if you want to learn rendering settings? 3DsMax VRay 5 Fly-through Animation could be a great choice!

If you are an UNREAL ENGINE enthusiast, UE 4.26.2 got new dynamic features; Such as dynamic sky and clouds, ocean and water. AlsoAnazing FREE MegaScans library to help us build a realistic Jungle Island.

For those that wanted MAYA and never could get the right lighting and rendering results with VRay. Then this MAYA VRAY VFX workshop will teach you the right way to Lighting & Rendering the scenes with VRay.

And the last choice is for those that want to learn VFX in more depth. Phoenix FD for 3Ds Max got a lot of to offer. We can have explosions, fires, burning vehicles, and even cities. we can have ocean storms and medieval ships battle. If this is something you like to learn chose that option, just make sure you have a strong working station to support all the simulation and rendering.

Alright, that’s been said. We also released a new class – TWINMOTION for ARCHITECTURE – which can be found here

Or with a special Udemy discount – ONLY $9.99 click here:

Thanks again for following my video tutorials – take a SURVEY HERE

Have a great weekend!

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