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VRayEdgesTex | Wireframe Rendering


Here’s how you can render wireframe by using VRayEdgesTex. This is a great addition to your portfolio that shows the breakdown of your lighting setup and geometry.

In my opinion, this is a very essential render that can add value to your online portfolio. Employers want to have a “sneak peek” into your professional skillset, and there is no better way than using wireframe in order to demonstrate that!

Just make sure your models and geometry looking clean!

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In case you were wondering how this Rolf Benz 3D scene came out looking good? Well, that’s thanks to the wireframe render, I use it to balance the entire scene lighting. I start from ambient, background and progress by adding and tweaking the next lights.

Wireframe helps you to see what parts of your render are overexposed or underexposed. The main reason for that clay render is to have it without any textures. Textures can deceive and take focus away from lighting. So avoid any colors by introducing pure render with VRayEdgesTex.

Use it wisely to get amazing results!

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