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Walk Through ArchVIZ Project – 3DsMax VRay Phoenix FD

VILLA VALENCIA is a LUXURY Miami Living Condo

And Today I’m going to take you through the creation of that project

Hope you find this useful – some things to take away:

  1. Stay consistent with your lighting and camera white balance. I’ve used a trick of rotating the dome and saving the z-axis coordinates. That was only used for exteriors to match the Background (drone) images. In interiors, I didn’t move the Dome Light – that gave me consistency with lighting.
  2. Use Assets to load portions of your scene, keep it clean and light – very important to the Group and move objects to new layer for future management.
  3. If you want to do effects you need to isolate the scene and take it to separate file for tests – when you satisfied with simulation, you can always add ore objects.

We are going to cover more advanced methods for LIFESTYLE scenarios with liquid and fire.

Forest pack still going to play a big role in producing real backgrounds – I’m going to cover that as well as a part of VFX for ArchVIZ training.

If you wish to join – Click here – we start next week!


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