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MultiMatteElement | VRay Passes | RenderMask Free Plugin


In this tutorial, we are going to discover MultiMatteElement functionality. In photoshop we can extract those masks from RGB channels and have extensive color correction work.

Masks can be applied to any object in your scene. You can also use masks to subtract and create new ones by using the VRayRefraction_filter as a subtraction pass.

Here’s a complete workflow for using MultiMatteElement;

MultiMatteElelement can be used in various color correction modes. Add layers of brightness and contrast to pop up your objects.

And create the effect of depth! Far back buildings will get slightly lighter exposure than those in the foreground.

In case you forgot to render one of the masks? You can use RenderMask free plugin and get those masks manually.

RenderMask is also a very useful tool that can help you get VRay passes without rendering the entire image.

Hope this tutorial will spill some light on professional post-production work.

This method works great for the production of 4k 3D images. Marketing renders for print must be produced at a very high resolution.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to post them below.

And If you would like to learn more about this process? Follow this direct link to our online class; PHOTOSHOP for ARCHITECTS

It takes time to learn Photorealistic Architectural Renderings Production – but with the help of this class, it is possible!



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