7 Courses Bundle – Perfect Combination for 3DsMax VRay Beginners

Step-By-Step Video Training with Forum Support for EACH CLASS:

  • #1 – Online mentored educational program. I’ll be there to mentor you at every step of the way to make sure you make tremendous progress in the right direction.
  • #2 VRaySchool Certificate Of Achievement. Upon successfully completing this series of courses, you’ll be granted “Junior 3D Artist” certification. (4 courses are followed by final render submission, other 3 courses got quiz questionary. The candidate must pass with 75% and above in order to earn certificate.)
  • #3 – We’re one of the top Chaos Group certified Official V-Ray Training Institutes in North America. So learn the industry standard rendering software from the very best.
  • #4 – For a limited period only, this 7-Course Package is available for $99 only. That’s a 12 years of invaluable knowledge expertly structured for easy learning.
  • #5 – A greater community of like-minded students. When you sign-up, you become a part of the whole VRaySchool community that’ll help you reach your goals. Interact with other artists by commenting on their work or receiving critique on yours.


Your One-Stop Solution To Breaking Into The Industry As A Junior 3D Artist.

So I’m often asked by my peers as to how I can afford to give away my years of hard-earned expert 3D knowledge at such low prices repeatedly? My answer:

“Nothing makes me happier than seeing young 3D artists create amazing photorealistic visualizations after completing one of our workshops. I believe that with our vast experience in professional 3D training, we can help every novice achieve their dream of becoming a world-class 3D Artist.”

So in my opinion, the joy and satisfaction that my students experience after undergoing our training is truly wonderful and makes you feel the same way. This feeling, must say, is immeasurably sublime.

Learn & Master the “3-LEVEL SETUP” System

Throughout the workshops, you’ll receive extensive training in our industry standards. “3-LEVEL SETUP” workflow system that’ll give all junior 3D artists a solid introduction to Architectural Visualization World.

After completing our workshops you’ll be able to:

  1.  – Create an amazing portfolio of 3D visualizations that’ll get you hired by top clients and studios.
  2.  – Master the entire pipeline, from receiving the DWG drawings, to modeling, lighting, rendering and post-production.
  3.  – Network and foster healthy relationships with prominent people in the industry.
  4.  – “Let your work speak for itself”– by attracting best clients from across the world .

7 Workshops bundle that’ll take you from Beginner to Advanced Level!

VRay Basic Lighting

Based on the latest VRay 3.60.04 release, these videos will teach you how to use VRay with a Physically correct lighting system. You will learn about sky-portals and the correct way to setup lights and cameras. The Baking to Texture method will also be introduced in these workshops. In conclusion, work on the “French Scene” rendering examples by downloading the complete scene files. Also explore the FREE Google post production software being used to produce gorgeous final images.

Key to 3D Success

Learn the basic fundamentals for a proper workflow and discover the attitude required for attaining lasting success in the ArchViz community. Download the special PDF eBook illustrating examples of system and software setup, and a correct gamma 2.2 workflow. Furthermore, as an additional bonus, master the art of attracting clients through a 10-part series.

VRay Interior Workshop

Study the core aspects of Interior Lighting in VRay through the rendering of Day and Night “NUBA SCENE”. This scene serves as a simple recreation of a real photo in 3D – documented in detail via step-by-step video tutorials for setting up Physically correct lighting using VRaySun, VRaySky and SkyPortals. Establish a clear understanding of Photoshop post-processing work using plugins to achieve a Photorealistic result.

Photoshop Post Work

Discover a new and efficient method for working with Render Elements (VRay Passes) in Adobe Photoshop. Also, learn to assemble your image using 15 VRay Passes. Plus additional techniques for bringing your image closer to the real PHOTO. This training is a recreation of the ROLF BENZ VERO scene. Moreover, download the model and the associated render passes for testing out my method for yourself.

VRay Webinars Pack

A collection of our LIVE sessions done throughout the years packed with tonnes of knowledge. Watch and learn as I provide detailed constructive critique to our students on how to improve their work. Therefore, in all my experience, I’ve learnt that in 60% of cases the most common mistakes are the same. Especially relevant, understand and differentiate the do’s and dont’s in a render workflow.

Interior Design Challenge

This is a design challenge targeted at small cubical places. Finally, we are going to take a beach house and design it, and you’ll be given a choice of 3 spaces. Modify the look and feel of the scene by putting it into an environment and add a background image to project light into the scene. Lastly we’ll be using some of the most advanced methods for color correction and the combination of VRay passes using our unique workflow.

3D Stills Production 

Basic to Advanced method for working with Lighting and the entire process for creating photorealistic 3D image from scratch. Rendering setting and other useful parameters will be explained.


If you think this bundle is going to help you to get to the right working place?

– Join Us Today and Start building your future career as a pro!

Thank a lot for checking this out. You can view each workshop in detail by visiting courses section.

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