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PRO POST-PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES with VRay Passes (Render Elements).

Your Renders Can Look Like Real Photos!

Have you ever had that feeling, that you don’t know what else to add – so that your render will look Realistic?

Your image missing those small details that rendering program just can not do! The reason is, your 3D software not meant for making PHOTO-REALISM – It got other purposes. In order to give that small “tuning” to your image you need to use Photoshop.

This VIDEO – TRAINING will teach you how to convert 3D Render into Real Looking PHOTO!

  • Step-by-step video instructions will teach you advanced Photoshop skills – that will make revolution in your FINAL 3D RENDER & POST Quality!
  • Here you will discover, why this might be the only course you’ll ever need – and how this training can save you tones of time by simplifying your 3D working process.
  • Your professional 3D skills will satisfy your clients and bring new ones to the circle, simply because you can produce good quality of work.
  • The Most effective Photoshop skills for your Everyday Workflow – Right here:

Highlights of this Online Training

  1. 1. You will do 3D mostly better than others, because you will have full control and understanding – “What it takes to create photorealistic render” – Construction Companies and Community Forums will put your renders on their front page.
  2. You will get recognized as industry expert – when you show your professional work users will be amazed by your rendering quality and how similar it is to REAL Photos. By the end of this training your work will rise to the level of Photorealism and your clients will be much satisfied.
  3. You will learn how to use your 3D & Post Production package at it best – fixing bugs, and improving images without touching RENDER button again.
  4. During this course you will get your hands on actual practice and experience the correct process of balancing LIGHT in our scene, in less than 10 minutes, by using my exclusive way of color correction. Just image how all interior space that can be rendered within 6 images, can represent all the interior beauty in detail. Such project will be ready for print in magazine, represent ion at exhibitions and other conventions.
  5. This method includes breakdown of detailed explanation and practice of my unique method for working with 15 Render Elements that V-Ray can produce – by using those elements you will be able to increase reflections, decrease transparency, change color of spots, improve materials, balance lighting and have full control over your 3D image – by using Photoshop only!
  6. I’m also sharing the most exclusive Tips & Tricks that only professional studios use in order to create hyper realistic renders.
  7. You will be able to go from something that looks like this – to something that looks like that (click to enlarge the images).
  8. You can work from home in your free time, by doing video exercises and following instructions.


BeforeAfterLess Realistic vs. More Realistic

Training Content:

  1. Introduction to Photorealism – how you should work – Linear vs. Exponential
  2. Few words about V-Ray Passes – elements that any final image exists from
  3. Basic color correction – which is necessary to do before you start combining passes
  4. Exclusive color correction – personal development of unique method for correcting image by using “blending modes” in Photoshop
  5. Breakdown into “Groups of use” – how you can use V-Ray Passes in Photoshop
  6. “Simple Six” exercise – basic passes combination from 6 passes
  7. Advanced passes combination – how to assemble 15 V-Ray Passes
  8. Ambient Occlusion – 2 techniques for rendering AO pass, by using manual way or by using AO plugin
  9. Getting Photoreslistic look – chromatic aberration, vignette, film grain, soft edges, out of focus, DOF, lens distortion, bokeh effect – examples shown with plugins and 2 additional programs that will make out your 3D renders “REAL PHOTOS”!
  10. Colorization and style – additional techniques for personal style development, you will chose what works foe you at the best and use it to define unique “Style & Look” to your images – color processing, LAB color correction for print, Photoshop post production and combination of color correction methods, Photorealistic lens distortion plugins.
  11. Making of “ROLF BENZ VERO” – Special add-on to this manual – detailed explanation of how you can work with 3Ds MAx and V-Ray in order to create realistic looking 3D Scenes from reference.
  12. 6 Hours of LIVE Recorded Webinars – we went through a lot of exclusive methods and you will see exactly how I’m correction student images in order to achieve realistic results.
    LIVE WEBINAR SAMPLE – We get to Work together.



If you liked these sample you probably gonna love the upcoming training, here what other got to say about previous class.


– Jacopo won an Italian 3D Lighting Competition – Link to Contest – AND this was his Winning Price

Jacopo-Bigi_3D-147x147       “From my personal experience I can say that this is the best training for Postwork in PS. The live webinars, the great responsibility of Alex for every question, his professional approach made this really unique learning experience. I also learned a lot from the other student works. I have still to improve a lot, but my renders start to become photorealistic, thanks to Alex! I’ll wait the tutorial for exterior scenes, hoping it will be soon! I stay tuned from Italy!”
– Jacopo Bigi



ludmila1-147x147“For me personally, this training has been a shortcut to better 3D images.. I think that I should draw more often. The documents and comments from the instructor where most helpful every time. This training has proven to be very useful to me, the lighting and rendering settings can not be better represented. It’s not a secret that there is no need from designers to explore all the possible functions of the program, which would mean enormous amount of work. The training teaches to focus on the most important things and use them.”
– Ludmila Maximov



Michael-Forster-140x150Hey Alex, just made it to the front page of Evermotion, yeah (mischi3d)… Thanks to you I learned a lot about Post Work in PS. There is still a lot to improve about my pictures but thanks to people like you who share their knowledge it’s always fun and interesting.
Have great week,
– Michael


Michael Forster Evermotion.org Front Page


What you will get with this training:

  1.  25 Video Tutorials with Post Work Exercises – All videos on Easy English language with screen sharing (even if you do not speak good English you still can repeat those exercises).
  2. Detailed explanation of how to work with V-Ray Passes and how to use them in Photoshop.
  3. Collection of professional post production techniques and methods that can make your renders look like real photos.
  4. My personal working PSD files with detailed examples of how to combine 15 V-Ray Passes in Photoshop.
  5. Complete PDF “Photoshop Post Work 2.0″ Manual – with detailed explanation of “How to achieve Phtorealism”.
  6. 5 Recorded Webinars – 6 Hours of Total Live V-Ray Training.
  7. 100 WIP’s from previous courses – you can learn so much just by absorbing other students mistakes.
  8. Personal Support in our Private forum – visual feedbacks on your work each day!
  9. FREE 1:1 Consultation – LIVE Q&A via Skype – 1 Session on Tuesday or Friday.
  10. ROLF BENZ VERO – 3D Scene – made with 3Ds Max & V-Ray


Camera, Lighting & Rendering Setup Included

3Ds Max VRay Complete Scene Models & Textures

Special BONUS – ROLF BENZ 7800 – 3D Scene


Complete 3D scene with Day + Night Rendering & Lighting Settings.


This scenes is followed by Detailed Making of – “ROLF BENZ 7800″


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to write me to contact@vrayschool.com and I’ll be more than glad to answer you!

Thanks for taking your time and checking upcoming training.
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Always remember…

If you wanna do it RIGHT – Do it like a PRO!

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Thanks again and Good Luck with your 3D Creations.
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