Placing Photoshop (Cut-Out) People – 3DsMax Trick

OldSchool 3DsMax Trick for Placing Photoshop People Proportionally in 3D Space Here’s an easy way for positioning Photoshop cutout people

CUBICCO Interior Design Challenge Winners

Here it is, after long decision braking we announce THE FINALISTS OF CUBICCO INTERIOR DESIGN CHALLENGE Cool deal VRay Users

VRay Basic lighting

12 Video Tutorials That Will Teach You How to set up Interior Lighting by using 3Ds Max & VRay! We will explore

VRay interior Workshop

VRay Interior Self training workshop for architects, interior designers and 3D artists, from the beginner to the advanced level of

Key to 3D success

Key to 3D Success app includes over 25 VRay Video Tutorials and 8 hours of Recorded LIVE training with Tips

VRay Fly through animation

How to create FLICKER FREE Fly-through Animation with 3Ds Max & VRay? And Light it with the most ADVANCED method!

VRayEnvironmentFog as Volume Light

Here’s another PRO method for adding realism to your images. VRayEnvironmentFog can be used to create realistic looking volume light.

3Ds Max Curtains Wind Simulation

Here’s a really cool method to add realism to your images by creating believable “Wind blowing over the Curtains” simulation using

VRay Interior HDRI Lighting

VRay Interior HDRI Lighting –  PRO VRay Tips for setting up Interior (HDRI) Lighting – Set basic ambiance to  approach design


VRayFur carpets can be tricky, but with my method you give them a stylized designer look. Getting the right references and

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